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Who is Ariana Grande dating?

Ariana Grande Boyfriends and
Ariana Grande Husbands:

Leon Thomas III - Relationship (2009 - 2009)
Graham Phillips - Relationship (2008)
Nathan Kress - Relationship (2008)


joe3871 says:
Ariana is quite the looker & it helps that she has the booty too!

mikestern21 says:
i think she is really pretty, even with the red hair. she is probably one of the only girls who can pull it off(:

123456 says:
i think she's relly hot and should star in her one show with her other friends

person says:
shes still with graham!

bubbles says:
Omg she's like that person I look up to everyday becoming little more like her too! I love her character and ya, she is probably one of the only few people that can pull off having red-pink hair and still look amazingly cute!!! ;D

bwianwee says:
hey all u guyz care about r her looks! why dont people date for personality?yea shes hoooootttttttttt but push that aside and focus on her personality

darryl says:
ariana get naked in many pics post them online

elizabeth says:
now i heard she is dating carlos pena from big time rush!but you can't believe everything you read or hear :)

julio says:
Man i think ariana is so freakin hot man i want to marry her!!I think im falling for her geez gosh shes freakin HOT!! :)

stickyface says:
Ariana is really hot

ilovegod says:

mavery says:
she is really pretty though..... but i love her character :p

canonlywish4her says:
Wow. This girl is amazing. Shes the ferrari of girls absolutely gorgeous performs even better and totally out of our league. Shes outrageously talented. Its a shame that you guys overlook that bc shes beautiful. But i guess i cant blame u guys for bein shallow...

madmax says:
Ariana grande is very hot!!!! But thats not the only thing thts in my mind she has a awesome personality shes funny, loving, sweet girl tht everyone knows and loves all u guys on this site are jerks yea im a guy n im tellin u to stop wit only the hot comments. Yea i kno shes hot *** helll!!!!!!!! I luv the red hair and her body is perfect shaped which is one of the things i luv the most about her but the 1 thing tht wins over anything she has is her big heart. I luv Her n want to marry her 1 day

liana says:
i think she should still go out with graham phillips N shes a rlly pretty girl

shay says:
She is now dating Taylor Lautner

zoey says:
she is sooo purtayy i gott her but sorry u cant have it

silverfin590 says:
I am completely in love with her character, Cat, but for some unexplainable reason, not her.

nikki says:
is she not dating matt bennett?

alex says:
u r sooo cute red hair or none i love everypart about u and would give up anything for u

miranda says:
do want to sound like a know it all, but she dating Matt bennett.

jenn says:
I read somewhere that her and Ariana Grande dated. Is that true?

jenna says:
omg she should be dating james from big time rush

meele says:
ARIANA GRANDE IS DATING ALDO QUINTINO!! they kissed on the slap :OOO lol

godsgirl says:
Shes really pretty n and her hair is real not.a wig

wholehearted says:
I think Ariana Grande should not go out with graham philpes. she would go out with me because both have a abitiy to sing.

anamurphy says:
cat is awesome i think she can date any famous people

ashlyn says:
Um... She hasn't dated any of them. e.e

bob says:
wow, they just date each other

ariana says:
I've not dated any of them but I AM currently dating someone with the initials of RH =) <3

Who else is Ariana Grande dating? Do you know of any other Ariana Grande boyfriend or husband? Is Ariana Grande engaged or divorced? What about a Ariana Grande baby or children?
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