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limekiln11 says:
i wanna have a chat with her, so is there anyway i can

browneyeschic says:
I think Evelyn is a two-faced child. As I look @ the show, she is always stirring up trouble. I think that she keeps things going to keep the attention off of herself. She has so many skeletons in her closet that she is scared they will get out. Evelyn my advice to you is grow up and be a woman. Get a life and stop making trouble in other people's life.

shawnnatolliverreece916 says:
hey its not that i hate ms lozada, but picture this. she has been giving royce the 3rd degree about her dress her act and anything you could imagine. to my surprise she attacks a woman him public, in defense of her child. and could have been prosecuted for that attack! jesus christ, b**** please. not sayin i would have done different. then she gets pissy drunk in public at a fukn fund raising event and gives the camera a boob peep show!! oh yea full nipple in all! very classy! LMAO!!!!!!! BUT if she would have splashed me like that with a drink i would have gotten a pipe and beat the dog **** out of her then pissed in her face!

mjjones says:
I so think she is as corny as she acts and believe that she pushes herself out in the lime light to be excepted. Her and Jennifer are two of the most twofaced females I have ever seen. Take a step back and stop trying so hard and mabe you could keep a man and not have one look at you two like "Damn what have I done now". And who cares who you know or married to, its how you carry yourself and can take what you dish out.

dan says:
Evelyn is fine i wish i played basketball so i coold hit that.

ladylike says:
Evelyn has a child? are u kidding i hope they are not watching the show its embrassing as a mother to act the way she do letting the world see her this way i really feel sorry for her family. And Jen is like a lost puppy following Evelyn in everything she do i think its sad they are not real women.

oliver says:
i think you is so sexy,with the atitude.love for you to come to the "A"(atlanta)i'll put some on you.stay you baby!!!!!!!

d37 says:
Can meet her? she got that sassy that i like in a woman.

jackie says:
I think Evelyn is pretty, BUT her attiude is very ugly!!!!!! I feel sorry for her, she has got to be a lonely mad black woman! because she is ALWAYS causing drama/trouble. always starting something, no wonder she is by herself. SHAME ON YOU EVELYN GLAD YOU'RE NOT MY MOM....... GET SO CLASS!!!!!!!!!!

sharon says:
Evelyn forget those hater on this page, i think u r a really woman n u dont take **** from anybody, n u r a VERY CLASS LADY N MOTHER u go girl!!!!!!

crissie says:
Yo I used to love her until what she did to Tami. Tami girl, I got yo back! What Evelyn did was grimmey as hell. She sat up there trynna be friends after she knew she messed with yo man! Now I see she just stirs up trouble. If she knew she shoulda just kept that shxt to herself til she died or said it from the get-go. REALSHXXT!

candy says:
on some real talk, evelyn is all about her business and keeps it sexy at the same time. she doesn't bite her tongue and speaks her mind all the time,she's as real as they get.i love her style and her shoes are to freakin die for. i would love to move back to florida and go work with her at her fabolous store.

truthhurts says:
she seems to forget where she came from - casting judgement on royce - not ladylike at all - wonder what ochocinco thinks when he sees this behaviour - that this is what i want in the mother of my kids - i was just as surprised to know she has a teenager; & yeah jen is a puppy dog without an opinion - that figures

kris says:
Evelyn and Jennifer are two faced, stir up trouble, and try to bully. Please, one day a real beatch will knock your *** out.

rose says:
I like Evelyn. She is straight up and she is a real friend to her real friends. She knows those who are needy and phony. You got to be strong to hang with her. But not crazy like Tami can't get it in her head that the man(Kenny) she is fighting over with Evelyn. And the man Tami calls her husband didn't even tell others women, he was married because he was in the infidelity game. She fighting over a man who said he didn't love her and he didn't make sure that her and her kids were financely secure. He was a jerk. And that food stamp comment was innocent that Jen made. Tami can't drink and this should be noted. So she hadn't seen a Food Stamp. It was an honest comment made by Jen for 5 minutes. Royce is two faced and as Evelyn noted earlier. Royce seem to play both sides. Royce repeats and tell their business. Expose others to make themselves feels privileged and this is because she has her own business. Tami has the potential since she ran Kenny's fan club another promotions. Evelyn should forgive, but the fact her friends she takes serious. She felt betray by Suzie. So the whole drama adds to the show. But the fact Suzie told a man. Women can't get it you don't tell mem about anothers business. So I understand why Evelyn felt what happen in Las Vegas should have stayed in Vegas. And Royce should chill that little hot potatoes doesn't see that her outfit she worn for her boy toy has so cheap and she is not different. Those dance and name of her dance group is so high school. Evelyn puts it out there and you have to come correct. Jen and Evelyn get alone because they don't need to cross each other like Shanee they have their own entreprenuer businesses. I mean Shanee took them all to Spain. I mean Spain!!!!!! Wow!

micheal says:
I like that hair and for the butterflies its

spicy says:
I commend you I can only imagine what your life is like but rom what has been put out there about your life,your a very strong independent woman and you handle your business with realness and passion.Best wishes on your upcoming nuptials!

Who else is she dating? Do you know of any other boyfriend or husband? Is she engaged or divorced? What about a baby or children?
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