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Who is Herschel Walker dating?

Herschel Walker Girlfriends and
Herschel Walker Wives:

Cindy DeAngelis - Married (1987 - 2002)


jennifer says:
He is engaged to a pretty Italian woman in Atlanta

troy says:
I saw met him with his beautiful fiance Julie at the fight in Fedor fight this Summer in San Jose.

tracy says:
Yes his fiance is Julie! awesome couple-both super nice and down to earth

dallas says:
Herschel is not engaged to Julie. Herschel has been in a very serious long term relationship with Myka who is blonde and beautiful. Julie is an MMA groupie that Herschel says works for strikeforce and is a pathological liar.

noway says:
Don't believe the hype Yo. Herschel is with Myka and has been damnear 20 years no. Only a fool would leave that blonde bombshell for a trashed out old lady like that Julie strikeforce groupie. His car is always at Myka's place. He hasn't let Myka go since he met her. Can't blame the brotha. Neither would I. Myka is fiiiiiiiiiiinnne. Whatever this Julie hype is-best believe it's a lie as big as that groupy skanks friggin nose. Herschel loves Myka- no doubt. Myka doesn't put up with his ---- tho

hellno says:
Julie is a hog. Saw that ugly skank hanging on poor Herschel like she was some lost dog. Herschel has better taste than that. Besides I also know he's crazy about my girl Myka. Known her 15 years and she is a dream. Lights up a room. He lights up when he's around Myka. They've been together long time so I'm joining the crowd shuttin that bad rumor down. Herschel & Myka are hot couple. We got your back Myka! At AKA- julies a joke! Don't fall for the tricks that skank ho, Julie, is trying to pull. Julie just a groupie & full blown pathological liar. Plus- she ugly. Myka- you're BEAUTIFUL babygirl

dave says:
Sorry Bro, you may be with Julie or Myka but only because I have the one that got away.

gail says:
Herschel and Julie live in a new home in Vaquerro in Westlake, Texas

gail says:
I am wrong. Julie lies about everything.

gail says:
yes you're right she actually lives in Atlanta and doesn't even know Herschel -he's actually married to a pretty brunette.

gail says:
I'm wrong again. I don't know Herschel. Found out he's not married but engaged to a blond he has been in love with over 20 years. Her name is Myka. Sorry for the confusion. Julie lied.

gail says:
Myka must be the girl with the ripped bod I see him runnng with -very athletic couple

isthisajoke says:
Myka stays out of the limelight. Now I see why. Been tellin her to do otherwise but she wiser than me. All these desperate gails and ugly career hungry julies don't deserve the time of day. He's at her place & she's with him & he's no homeowner in westlake. You desperate b****es are an embarrassment. I'm proud of myka. She's intelligent hot & real & has had the man for almost 20 years: at her feet. Poor Gail. Poor Julie. They tried launching career and rumor off a good mans back hurting whomever it hurt. Myka has a few diamonds on her fingerS & a ton of time with Herschel. What do those desprate liars have other than desperate lies using Herschel for what? I vote for real Love on this one. She's a force. He's hanging on by a thread. Pity the julies and the gails. They're those pathetics that cling on but could care less. He is not living in westlake. Get the facts straight.

beverly says:
Herschel and Julie live on King Fisher in Vaquero located in Westlake, TX

janice says:
The highlight of my July 4th trip to Dallas to visit my son was running into Herschel , his wife and son at the airport on a flight to Atlanta! What a blessing to meet the UGA legend.

herschel says:
I only love Myka I beg her to take me back

inallfairness says:
you are sick Myka Dean

inallfairnest says:
He is dating my neighbor.

inallfairnest says:
That is Herschel Walker we see dating our neighbor and her name is Myka Dean. They kiss at her doorway like they in love. Myka Dean does not look sick to us but we noticed Mr. Walker was favoring a limp the other day leaving Myka's. My wife knows Myka and she is certain that is Herschel Walker. She knew Myka working for her and liked her very much. We moving soon but we hope to see Myka before as the wife says what a great person she is but I want to meet Herschel! Biggest fan since DAWG days. Never thought moving here we would get to see Herschel Walker all the time. Dallas Best City !!

Who else is Herschel Walker dating? Do you know of any other Herschel Walker girlfriend or wife? Is Herschel Walker engaged or divorced? What about a Herschel Walker baby or children?
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